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2005 Sun Rise on Winter Solstice

SolsticeSun Design a webdesign, graphic design and usability company, with the expertise and experience to create sites that are easy to download and navigate, while maintaining a striking visual presence and theme.

We do not have any pre-made designs to fit into. Each design is tailored to our clients needs.

We want to help our clients engage with others and to make that process easy. We want their visual face to the world to be about them, not about us.

At SolsticeSun Design we like to help clients manage and maintain their own site to the degree that they are comfortable doing this. We can create templates that can be maintained with basic web development tools. Or we can set up an ongoing maintenance plan, where we make necessary updates and revisions.

Feel free to look through our client portfolio, and if you feel we can help you enhance or establish your Internet presence then contact us.

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